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Advanced Vibration Training - Workshop

An experience of living in the New Plane of Existence. You will learn to work and harness advanced vibrational energies that are needed and have practical tools to take back into your home life.

Shasta lake, USA

The workshop is over seven days and located in a bubble of pure high vibration energy that taps into the amazing energy source of mount Shasta.

The training is supervised by the Council of Beings of Light that are the source of the information used in the workshop. Join us in a beautiful natural setting and sacred place.

Advanced Vibration Techniques for the New Plane - Outline

  • Experiencing living in the New Plane of Existence
  • Consciously work with different high vibrational energies
  • Learn a range of practical tools and techniques
  • Use high vibrational energy therapy for healing illness, disease of organs such as cancer and terminal infections.
  • How to consciously create of our new reality
  • Attuning to the Council of Beings of Light
  • Personal responsibilities and constraints using high vibrational energy
  • Join a network of others and get ongoing support

Next Workshop - United States (USA) - 25th September to 1st October 2018

angel house, USA angel house back, USA Shasta, USA

The workshop is located in Mount Shasta, California and set in a peaceful setting, with sunning views of mount Shasta. The nearest national airport is Redding via San Francisco international airport. The tutor fee for the 7 day workshop is $1555, and low cost accommodation is available. The training is led by Reena Kumarasingham, and the language will be English.

Download the full training outline and application form. For more information contact;
Andy Tomlinson
email; regressionacademy@gmail.com


The Advanced Vibrational Training course is truly a magnificent experience. Reena and Andy are extraordinary facilitators. Their wisdom, depth of experience, humour, enthusiasm, love, and innate joy is heartfelt and boundless. You will learn incredible energetic techniques, through lecture and experiential practice in nature, which will alter the way you see the universe and yourself. After taking this course, you will gain a deeper and more profound sense of who you are. Furthermore, Mt. Shasta is as energetically supportive and visually stunning as one could hope for. If you are searching for an expansive and transformative workshop - this is it…make space to be AMAZED. - Nikki Gusberti, Canada.

All the components are amazing on their own - the course contents is magic that you can actually experience in real life (even if your are very much in your head like me!), Reena is the most amazing teacher who radiates pure joy and love and guides her students with this awesome energy. Mt Shasta is a miraculous place with fantastic energy spots in nature. All put together gave me a miraculous week of incredibly fast and effective learning, breaking loads of barriers I wasn't even aware of, uncovering new colours of existence I never dared believe were possible. Now, on to the integration and applying these amazing techniques in real life - very exciting. I am hugely grateful to Reena and Andy, the Council of Beings for generously sharing their techniques and being incredibly supportive, an amazing group of students, and Shasta for welcoming us! Looking forward to AVT 2! - SJ, UK.

This was the most peaceful, enlightening and empowering experience for me. I have been using the high vibrational energy healing techniques taught during AVT with Reiki and crystal healing. It works as a boost during the sessions and the clients feel a huge difference. I would recommend the AVT workshop training to everyone who would like to transform their lives. - JV, Indiana, US

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"My head is bursting with the joy of the unknown. My heart is expanding a thousand fold."
Jelaluddin Rumi, 13th Century Sufi